Craving bed…

I didn’t sleep particularly well last night and so this morning’s 6am alarm was a brutal blow, to say the least. Cue several pints of coffee to jump-start my heart and synapses.

All this was necessary, as I spent the day delivering a workshop on psychometric assessment, sitting for about 15mins out of 7 hours of teaching.

I’m now convinced I’ve picked up a bug from one of the delegates…there was a lot of coughing and sneezing in the room…my joints ache like I’ve been thrown from a horse (I imagine….it’s been years since I was on a horse, and I’ve never been thrown off one!), my throat is pulsing and I’m falling asleep while standing up.

I almost nodded off while standing on the DLR on the way home. Crowds and all.

I’m wiped out.

So, it’s going to be an early night and hopefully expunge these bugs from my body. I have physio (second last session ever!) tomorrow morning at 7am and want to be fresh and alert for that.

Food first, though.

I’m not *that* ill…


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