Trying out

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been experimenting more regularly with – a fantastic service that let’s you host a blog based on the Evernote app. Simply write your post in evernote, tag it “Published” and it appears on your blog.

Simple as.

It definitely lacks all the bells and whistles of WordPress and most other blog platforms, but in a sense that makes writing easier. I can’t express just how easy it is just throw thoughts down into a note in Evernote and get them onto your Postachio blog.

Meanwhile, I can use Disqus for comments and Google Analytics to track visits to the blog. The latter is interesting – and a lot more powerful than what’s built into WordPress. is a work in progress – functionality is being added all the time. Apparently they’ll be adding a way to import posts from WordPress. If it’s simple and works, I may just do that.

So, for the moment, come and follow me over at

Who knows? Maybe you’ll join me 🙂

  1. For the moment (let us know when this. Ganges) you can’t ‘follow’ in the sense of vox, blogger, wordpress, tumblr, etc.

    I look forward to this since I just can’t get into feedly. For some reason, I just plain LOVED g-reader and can’t cope with clipboard or feedly’s UI. It’s easy to literally flip through things but it’s not condusive to my in depth blog reading and socialising.



    1. Really? I”m quite into Feedly now, though some sites work better with it than others.

      You can subscribe to my at in the meantime.

      If you’re, like, interested and stuff?




      1. I have you added to my feedly, I just still hate it and started before g-reader went tits up. It’s better than flipboard.

        I should clarify, I’m usually on mobile–the desktop UI is fine.



        1. Ah, I usually use desktop. Never opened it on the iPhone – bet it’s fiddly? iPad is quite nice, but I prefer Flipboard definitely.

          You know what? There’s just too much internet to be read these days…



          1. Agreed. I’m getting crankier as I get older, too.



            1. Me too. Fun, isn’t it?



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