Pretty much painless

Breaking news from Geektown: I’ve just set up my new MacBook Air from scratch in about 20 mins.

That doesn’t sound impressive, but bear in mind I didn’t transfer any data over from my old MacBook Air or a backup on an external drive. This was achieved through a combination of the magic of iCloud and using various excellent cloud-based apps.

iCloud took care of setting up my calendars, email accounts and a load of various settings and passwords. All of this was done by simply typing in my login and password when the computer started up.

I then installed Evernote, where I have a note reminding me of the various apps I install on each Mac. After rebuilding several of my computers of the last couple of years, I got bored with trying to remember what to install and made a list for future reference.

That’s pretty much a great reason for installing Evernote in the first place! (Can you tell I’m an Evernote fan?)

OmniFocus pulled in all my projects and tasks automatically and Spotify synced my playlists in about 5 seconds.

Finally, it was Dropbox, which is presently downloading all of my work and personal files in the background as I write this.

I have to say, it was nearly painless. There was a bit of fiddling around with linking DayOne to Dropbox, but I think that might have been a result of Dropbox syncing about a gazillion files at the same time.

As it’s a new model MacBook Air, iWork has come pre-installed. I haven’t used these in a few years so it will be interesting to see how they square up to MS Office. Unfortunately, I need to use Office for work – otherwise I wouldn’t have it anywhere near my laptop.

The new Macbook Air is super fast – I maxed out the RAM to 8GB when ordering – and you can really feel the difference.

Yes…setting up a laptop while watching “8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown” is pretty much my ideal Friday night these days.

Oh how the mighty have fallen…

Incidentally, the nice chaps over at Asian Efficiency have put together an invaluable guide to reformatting your beloved Mac. Well worth a read!

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