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2013: Things what I have liked and enjoyed and such…

After that last epic post, some other assorted FAQs regarding 2013. Now I don’t hold myself up as an arbiter of taste, but I do enjoy reading about what other people have enjoyed – so maybe you’ll find something interesting in this list…

  • Favourite film of 2013: That would have to be a tie between Avengers and Gravity. Two very, very (!!) different films, but both extremely enjoyable in the own way. The Wolverine was also great fun. Mostly as it was set in Japan and we have already established that I love everything to emerge from Japan.
  • Favourite book of 2013: I’m torn here. I’ve read a few great books this year, but one that kept me on the edge of my seat for hours was The Summer Isles by Ian R. Macleod. I’d recommend it in a heartbeat. Yes, it’s counter-factual history, but it’s also extremely well-written and draws you in. A close second would be another alt-history novel, Inceptio by Alison Morton. I’m reading the sequel right now.
  • Favourite album of 2013: A difficult one, but I think it might be Robin McKelle’s “Modern Antique“. Yes, it’s from 2008, but I only came across it in 2013. For something that was actually released this year, I’d have to go with either Caro Emerald’s “The Shocking Miss Emerald” or Pink Martini’s “Get Happy“.
  • Favourite podcast of 2013: For consistent hilarity and ability to remain thought-provoking, I’ll have to go with “Back to Work“. I recommend it to everyone – yes, it’s an acquired taste and yes, Merlin Mann is my god here on Earth. A close second would be “This Week in Google” for its take on privacy and life in the digital age. And rants from Jeff Jarvis.
  • Favourite comic of 2013: I’m going to weasel out of choosing just one here, as my two favourites are so different but so excellent. First there’s Matt Fraction’s “Hawkeye“. Please…please…forget everything you know about Hawkeye in the Avengers and just read this. Start at issue one and go from there. I guarantee it will surprise and delight you. My second pick would have to be “Saga” by Brian K. Vaughan. Completely different and yet very similar in tone. Yes, it’s set in space. Yes, there are aliens. But really it’s about love, life and relationships.
  • Favourite TV show of 2013: While I started to think Nordic Noir and consider both Borgen and The Bridge (both totes amazeballs), the most gripping TV I’ve watched all year was the US re-make of “House of Cards“. Kevin Spacey was just brilliant: charmingly evil. His asides to the camera were chilling. If you haven’t seen it yet, I command you to do so – especially as season two starts in less than two months (that complete weekend is spoken for – Netflix are letting the whole season out of the bag at once).

2 comments on “2013: Things what I have liked and enjoyed and such…

  1. I agree with you on film and TV. They were both the most ‘can’t look away’ and ‘must devour with eyes’ apart from Homeland truly sucked out my brain this year, too. I watched it — unlike the first 2 series — epi by epi, week by week. This takes a lot for me to not complain about because I prefer bulk-watching or ‘marathons’ over dicking around, waiting. My patience and most importantly, my memory, cannot take the time needed for serials’ airings. But she held out for Homeland 3, yo!

    I read all 5 Ice and Fire novels out so far this year, although they were previously released. I highly recommend them as they were recommended to me (and ignored for years due to most of them being 1500 pages or so long). I gobbled down one of them within a week and I was working full time. I didn’t believe that I’d go for them but I really did, didn’t I? I think that you’d like them but they are rather gory–harsher than the tv show.


  2. I haven’t seen The Wolverine yet – must give it a go!


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