Shopping frustration…

Now – fair warning – this is going to sound like a complete First World White Whine, but… one of my Amazon “gifts to myself” (bought with some of the vouchers I received from my family) arrived in this morning in rag order.

I (no laughing at the back) bought a ukelele, as one of my 2014 goals is to teach myself to play a new instrument. Ukes are small, cheap and intrinsically hilarious. A lot like me, to be fair…

Anyway, my uke turned up this morning with a neck like crack addict. It had scratches and chips taken out of it all the way down. Far from new, it looked years old.

Not happy.

I got it via Amazon Prime, so I immediately logged on, registered my annoyance and a new one is winging its way to me right now. I have to drop the damaged one off at a collection point, but this is far easier than braving the Xmas sales in London and dealing with an overwrought sales assistant.

I did have time – about 15 mins – to tune the thing and play three chords. Fair enough, they were C, C7 and C7maj so not a stretch, but pleasing all the same.

The replacement should arrive on Monday, giving me the opportunity to practice a little before 2014 kicks off properly. So here’s to plenty of hours of practice, calluses on my finger tips and the playing of Gershwin on a ukelele. Hope that’s not to offensive to his musical memory…

4 comments on “Shopping frustration…

  1. Bummer it arrived in tatters!

    My 1st uke stayed with me 3 weeks by which time I’d learnt enough kid/folk tunes to justify it as a love and buy a better one.

    The 1st cost about 30USD. That rapid 2nd purchase was over 300. I only own one more (1st was soprano, which I handed down; 2nd a concert and 3rd a tenor–baritones are most commonly tuned as the lower 4 strings of a guitar, which I’m not interested in, though I learnt a few songs on a friend’s guitar because she insisted I try a ‘real’ instrument — 5 years of classic piano training starting age 7 apparently doesn’t count nor the years playing brass instruments and working as junior conductor at the youth symphony — never can please some).

    I toss that sordid history out to encourage you that ukes are FUN! They’re delight on a four string budget.

    People thought it HILARIOUS that I owned a uke, let alone played it. It’s something they think of as going out with Bob Hope in the 40s! Maybe Tiny Tim. That’s it for Americans!

    Except like I said the hipster thing very recently. Fecking hipsters.

    BUT it is fantastically fun and portable. As Brother says, ‘it’s perfect for you as it’s not only small enough for you to hold but it’s light enough for you to play AND dance at the same time.’

    It is. Enjoy!

    Get yer a G-C-D (key of G chords) and you can play 1/2 the folk songs out there. Add an A and Em and you’re really cookin’!


    • Agree with you 100% – it’s going to be fun. But it’s also a perfectly respectable instrument – very versatile in the right hands. This one is very much a taster model…didn’t want to lay out big bucks until I could get stuck into it. I’m sure that’ll happen in time.


      • That was my idea — mostly because I’d never enjoyed stringed instruments in the past. You’ll love it! If you can spare 15 minutes a day, you’ll have a nice collection of sing-songs in no time.


        • Here’s hoping! I understand “the music”, I just need to understand where it sits on these strings.

          Without driving the neighbours mad…


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