Xmas laziness continues…

ciderToday my main achievements (and I use the term loosely) have been:

  • Getting out of bed – it was seriously comfortable in there, believe me.
  • Making it over to Canary Wharf (8 minute walk) and surviving the sale in Banana Republic
  • Spending most of the afternoon sitting down and eating
  • Finishing off the last of the turkey in a couple of epic sandwiches

The remainder of the day was spent watching TV (Dexter, Archer – thank you Netflix!) and working out how to fit new clothing purchases into the now limited space in my wardrobe.

(The Banana Republic sale was really excellent – especially with the large selection of clothes in ‘xs’, perfect for my smaller than average frame…)

I’ve yet to deal with the pressing problem of the unfinished mince pies and Christmas pudding.

I’m sure a solution will present itself in due course.

I could really get used to this pace of life. Unfortunately, that way lies obesity and being featured on either Embarrassing Bodies or The Biggest Loser. Or both.

I’m off work until Monday, after which we’ll return to more regular exercise (getting off the couch and walking) and fewer calories per day. Which won’t be too difficult. This week, I’ve had more calories before lunch each day than I normally have on any given day in total. Reflecting on this, I’m experiencing a strange mixture of pride and shame.

Mostly the latter.

2 comments on “Xmas laziness continues…

  1. Boxing days are made for relaxing.


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