Slobbing, napping, relaxing…rinse and repeat


It was my office xmas party yesterday, so I’m not alone in feeling a little tired today. But I’m probably alone in having a crippling hangover despite not drinking.

As a non-drinker, I still managed to damage myself: drinking far too much Diet Coke – again!! – and waking up with a strange, chemical taste in my mouth and feeling wiped out.

See? You can still make yourself ill without the need to drink shedloads of cheap-ass wine.

I’m definitely giving up Diet Coke – and similar concoctions – in the New Year. It has no redeeming features if I’m honest. Fizzy chemicals and caffeine. That’s it.

I, sadly, had to stand aside during yesterday afternoon’s team bonding activities as they took place outdoors. My knee etc etc. So I somehow managed to console myself by spending the afternoon in the hotel’s spa.

My first swim since the surgery was a delight. And it was accompanied by a long sauna, a steam and a couple of dips in the jacuzzi. All lovely and relaxing – and I can feel I was working the quads with the swimming, so it all contributed to my knee recovery.

So basically is was medicinal. Really.

The only slightly sour note was the creepy cleaner who hovered around the changing rooms while I showered in between spells in the sauna and the pool. Hmmm….a little unsettling.

He must have been impressed and mistook me for Tom Daley. It happens quite a bit when I’m at the pool.

The trials of having the physique of an Olympic diver…Ahem.

This morning, I had breakfast alone – the remainder of my colleagues either lying prone in a ditch somewhere, or still in the recovery position in their beds. A full English and a gallon or two of delicious coffee took the edge off somewhat.

But the journey back in to London was a nightmare – it being the final Saturday before Xmas, it seems half of Oxfordshire wanted to come in to spend the last of their available cash. And they all apparently decided to get the 10:30 from Haddenham & Thame Parkway.

None of them gave me the wide berth my head required and so I spent the hour listening to children loudly list all the outrageously expensive things that they want from Santa Claus, while others ran up and down the carriage.

I’m now slobbing the couch at home, catching up on podcasts and trading insults with @JB_1 and @Rahmatallah on Twitter. (Who I’m sure are feeling absolutely fresh as a daisy and not at all in the throes of an abysmal hangover). Your typical relaxing Saturday in other words.

@FrankDJS is in the Netherlands this weekend, so I’m home alone. I predict a lot of non-seasonal horror films and sci-fi on Netflix and piles of comfort food. The weather in London is disgusting, so I’m not planning on leaving the building this weekend. My mission is to get in some more swimming and time on the exercise bike. Eat a few dozen mince pies. Lie a round a lot.

That sort of thing.

It is, after all, the “holidays”. Time to kick back and relax…

13 comments on “Slobbing, napping, relaxing…rinse and repeat

  1. If you care for a holiday film that’s different (and haven’t seen it yet–I can imagine not as it seems a kid-holiday film, and IS), Rare Exports is worth watching. An 11 year old protagonist and blood-thirsty Santa.

    Rare, indeed!

    I feel pretty fresh for somebody who tanked a pint of vodka at work yesterday morning. Must be my Russian Jewish half kicking in.

    Glad you’re feeling better and getting creepy codgers following you. ‘Bout time you joined the club. Who needs hot difficult guys when the creepy ones are so easy to please?



    • “pint of vodka”… I have no words. I tip my chapeau to you – well done on surviving that!!

      I’m seriously abandoning the Diet Coke. Seriously. My new tipple is tonic water….obviously without the gin. But in my experience, tonic is more than half of the taste experience. Add tons of ice and lime/lemon and it’s not at all bad.


      • I love tonic water but I’m weird. I never liked gin so I’d be chugging vodka I’m there, too.

        My vodka was Absolut Mandarin, which I’d infused wth cranberries. It was delicious but yes, 80proof!


        • Question: can you still see?

          You’re made of sterner stuff than me! Infusion with cranberries sounds nice, though. Very seasonal 🙂


          • I could see! It’s a question of EATING plenty of fatty, protein-filled food before and when you realise you’re flagging. I went back for another 4oz after an hour ‘break.’ It’s called ‘pacing oneself!’

            #ReedHouseRules applied, all around — including that bit about food. I didn’t create RHR. It’s a family tradition, perfected over centuries.


  2. ethnicolor

    And there’s the chair! That will be a retirement present to myself, one day… My own one, of course, not your actual chair; that would be stealing 😀

    Nollaig Shona duitse agus @FrankDJS


    • And to you – have a great break over the holidays.


    • I also now feel the need to point out – strongly – that the chair is a reproduction. A good one, but a reproduction.

      One day, I’ll have the real thing. I have quite the list of future furniture purchases…


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