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kb_20971_1An update to Nike+ apparently adds a virtual coach to the app – it looks interesting and, for some people at least, will provide a manageable and sensible schedule to prepare for that next race. While running *looks* easy – one foot in front of the other – knowing how to get ready for any race can be difficult, especially if you compare yourself to more advanced runner.

That way lies madness, tears and injury.

If this provides realistic plans for distance, scheduling and speeds, then I’m all for it.

Especially as I’ll essentially be starting from scratch once I begin to run again in a couple of months. I’ll have had at least 4 months off due to my knee injury and subsequent surgery. I’m itching to get back into it, but have another two months to wait until it’s safe. So it’s just swimming and cycling for me until then.

I’ll definitely try Nike+ out on my first runs and, if the coaching functionality is any good, use it to prepare for my first half-marathon of 2014.

Whenever that is…

3 comments on “Coaching with Nike+

  1. I’m sure you’ve asked but during a physiology session, it’d be great if they can suggest their best-loved book or schedule for training again.

    There are many slightly different variations on 5k all the way to ultras. It’s be cool to see what they like.


    • Actually, I haven’t gotten into the specifics of race training with either my physiotherapist or the surgeon – but the latter confirmed I can start again 3months after surgery – giving me about a 2month wait.

      Seeing my physio again after Xmas and will discuss this in more detail then.

      I’d love if Nike+ coaching functionality could send calendar appointments to iCal, so my running schedule was actually in my calendar. Putting that stuff in manually is a time-sink.

      Lazy? Yes. But leaves more time in my week for running 😉


      • There are other running trainer apps–I bet ‘there’s an app for [exactly] that.

        Nike+ can still log your runs.


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