iOS 7 is not perfect

Does that even still need saying? I’m an iOS 7 fan, but not fan-boy. iOS 7 is a big improvement, but even after several months of using it, I still stumble occasionally.

There are a number of annoyances in this massive software update and a new Tumblr blog, UX Critique (helpfully highlighted by John Gruber over on Daring Fireball) lists the main user interface fails.

Many of these are about colour contrast and user understanding of label status.

In other words, basics.

Here’s hoping Apple sorts these out in coming updates.

1 comment on “iOS 7 is not perfect

  1. I’m surprised to find my iPhone 5s is unexpectedly SHUTTING down & restarting as my 4s was.
    The other issues that I was having have cooled off. So that’s good but still highly irritating to be say, typing this comment & have the device restart of its own accord.

    I call that BULLSHIT.


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