The downside of paper…

2013 - 1Quite obviously, the downside of user a specific-sized paper in a paper planner (i.e. Filofax) is that you can run out of said paper.

Since returning to the A5 fold and using my A5 Original for work purposes, I’ve been tearing through my supply of A5 Filofax paper. As part of my job, I take a lot of notes.

Noticing my depleting supplies, I logged onto the Filofax online store a week ago and ordered some replacements. Being a semi-loyal Filofax customer for the past few years, I purposely opted to buy direct from Filofax – rather than save cash by buying via eBay.

A week later, and I’ve yet to receive my paper.

(I think this definitely falls into my oft-quoted category of “First World Problems”.)

As Filofax has shut its stores in London, I’m reliant on either speciality stationary shops or department stores to get Filo-supplies. That, or eBay and Amazon. Filofax are not doing themselves any favours by taking so long to dispatch something as simple – and small – as some A5 paper.

could have bought this via Amazon and had it on Monday. As it stands, I popped (hobbled, rather… I’m still on crutches) into an office supply shop in Canary Wharf this afternoon and picked up a couple of Filofax A5 pads – all the paper they had in the size I needed. I really wanted some loose-leaf paper. 

Come on Filofax – it’s 2013!

filofax-fusion-a5-black-largeOn a related note, I dug out my A5 Fusion in black, firstly to seek out some A5 paper that was still in there. But then, to wonder how I could make use of it. Despite getting an A5 Original a few months ago, I never ended up selling the Fusion. It’s definitely heavier than the Original, but it’s also sturdier.

I really need a Filofax full of paper due to my return to work in the real world next week. I have coaching sessions and a two-day coaching psychology conference in Edinburgh to attend. I will be taking a lot of notes. The Fusion is definitely superior for note-taking on the knee – when I don’t have a flat surface to lean on.

I may well take the Fusion to work next week – complete with my iPad Mini holder – and see how it goes.

3 comments on “The downside of paper…

  1. …or you could do what I do: invest in a KW-TRIO adjustable filofax punch, buy any old A5 notepad (I really like R by Rhodia pads, your mileage may vary) and off you go.


  2. I don’t mean this in any way disrespectfully, but I continue to be perplexed why anyone spends money on expensive brand-name Filofax plain notepaper, when any cheaper note paper can be trimmed & punched to fit? Especially when their service is so bad?

    Other than the specialized inserts, I fill my Filofax with plain notepaper from all kinds of other sources EXCEPT Filofax….


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