More All-New X-Factor details emerge…


So I was super-excited to learn that peter David had a new X-Factor series in the works, even though I wasn’t sure exactly who was going to be on the team. But with Peter David writing, I think we can all agree, it’ll be an entertaining ride.

I’ve just spotted more details about the upcoming series over at Comic Book Resources. And the team looks…interesting.

This incarnation of X-Factor will comprise:

  • Polaris – wacky, sometime-daughter of Magneto who periodically has a breakdown and goes batshit crazy on her friends and colleagues. Has Magneto-style powers of magnetism. Was previously in X-Factor alongside her ex, Havoc. Notable features include green hair and general instability and unreliability. Lots of potential for interesting character development and slightly awkward references to her past behaviour.
  • Quicksilveractual son of Magneto, known for the creepy relationship he’s maintained with his sister, the Scarlet Witch. Has the power to do everything super-fast, including making snarky comments about everyone around him and exhibiting superhuman superiority complex. Served alongside Polaris on a previous incarnation of the X-Factor team.
  • Gambit – big in the 90’s, when superhero trench coats were a thing. Walking pastiche of a Cajun with the power to supercharge and then throw any object he wants. For some reason, he prefers to super-charge playing cards. As opposed to something more lethal, like metal spikes. Jumps around a lot while making quips in a painful creole accent. Was big into Rogue for a very long time. Appeared briefly in the Wolverine Origins film. didn’t add much.
  • Danger – the now-sentient “Danger Room” from the X-Men’s original home in Westchester. Has been a friend and foe of the mutants, mostly the latter. This may be harsh, but I think she’s a pointless character. Only redeeming feature seems to be her ruthlessness. Should get along well with Quicksilver.
  • Cypher – one of the original “New Mutants” who, like many X-Men, was killed and then resurrected. Has the mutant power to understand any language: human, alien or technological. I’m not quite sure how that’s helpful when you’re facing down Sentinals, but I’m sure Peter David will make something of this. Generally a “nice guy”.
  • Warlock – another Robot-type character. I think he/it is an alien. Have never been motivated to find out more. Was previously bonded with Cypher to create “Doug-lock” and there my interest evaporated. Again, Peter David could renew my interest, but he has his work cut out.

I know I’m not alone in wondering how long it’ll take for this team to butt heads with the Uncanny Avengers. Why? Because of the amaze-balls tension. Polaris vs Havok. Gambit vs Rogue. Quicksilver vs/and Scarlet Witch. It would make for quite the story – if all the characters are still alive by then.

Ahem. Trying to remain spoiler-free…

So what makes this mutant team of heroes different from all the others? For a start, they’re corporate. Literally. Rather than super-hero for the fun of it, they work for a technology business called “Serval Industries”. I’m putting down now that this will turn out to have evil roots and the team find themselves actually working for the “bad guys”.

Only a few weeks to wait until this is out. I’ll definitely pick up the first few issues as I’m a massive fan of both Peter David and the X-Factor team historically.

2 comments on “More All-New X-Factor details emerge…

  1. This is going to be an amazing book! I can’t wait for #1. Another bonus: issue #2 drops only two weeks later!


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