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Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer!

Now this looks impressive…but it leaves me with one concern: are we running the risk of “too many villains”?

Several superhero films have fallen on the faces due to squeezing in just too many characters. It’s great for the fan-boys like me, but less enjoyable for the average cinema-goer. I love cameos, purely because I know who the characters are. For everyone else, it’s just distracting.

I spotted Electro and Green Goblin there. But also some Vulture wings in the Oscorp lab. Merely a hint of villains to come, or will this really result in Spidey versus the Sinister Six?

One thing’s for sure – we’ve got another six months of hints, leaks and potential spoilers to come. And it reminds me…it’s about time I re-watched Amazing Spider-Man 1!

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