House of Cards season 2 announced!

Excitement levels have once again risen in the MacPsych household this evening… they often do of a Wednesday, but this time it’s specifically at the news that Season Two of the fantastic House of Cards is going to be available on 14th February next year.

Not only that, but it’ll be available on Netflix simultaneously in the UK and US. And – if that weren’t enough – the whole damed series will be available in one go.

In. One. Go.

To gorge on.

Like a massive bar of Green & Blacks, which I have become addicted to recently, for some reason.

Anyway…a whole 13 episodes to enjoy over a single weekend. Whom am I kidding?! Over a single evening.

Now this is how people want to watch TV. Like box sets. This is precisely why Netflix is growing on me. I’ve only been using it a few months, but the instantly accessible, always-on nature of the TV series is just brilliant.

(I won’t comment on the generally appalling selection of films…)

In just two and a bit months, I’ll be sitting down to hours of fresh-off-the-presses Kevin Spacey.

Couldn’t be happier.


And now for the trailer – hold onto your hats.

1 comment on “House of Cards season 2 announced!

  1. While the British, original, was fantastic, you just can’t go wrong with Mr. Spacey. He should be in EVERYTHING. I’m a fan.


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