Knee Surgery: Day Six

Part six in my self-absorbed diary of recovery from relatively minor knee surgery…

This morning’s chore was to remove the dressings on my knee and replace with cleaner, smaller ones. I have to say I wasn’t looking forward to this one bit. I even reached into the stash of painkillers a little early, to steel myself.

I am, essentially, a wuss.


Taking off the outer bandage was easy, if awkward. Basically, my right leg still isn’t cooperating and bending where it should, leaving me moving a lot like a mannequin. If one came to life…

Once that was off, the true horror of what lay beneath was laid bare. Two small dressings and a lot of dried blood. Oh. Disappointing. And the knee looked okay, if swollen. When I think of the pain on the inside, the outside really doesn’t do it justice.


I then took a long, glorious shower, my first since surgery last Tuesday morning. Oh god, it was beautiful. Indescribably delicious. I scrubbed and soaped myself back to my pre-op state. I could have stayed in there for hours. Except I was wobbly due to my knee and the recently ingested painkillers. On reflection, they probably contributed to the shower euphoria.

I also had to remove the two large plasters covering my wounds and replace them. Due to the hairiness of my legs, I opted to do this while in the shower – hoping the water would loosen them up a bit. In short, it was horrifically painful, but just for a minute. You can also see that the left hand wound was unhelpfully covered by adhesive plaster, not dressing. This made it really, really painful to take off.


After everything was nice and clean, I took a break before putting on fresh dressings to let the wounds dry. The above photo shows just how small the wounds are. Obviously, what it doesn’t show is what went on underneath and I’m glad I didn’t witness that. I imagine it involved large steel implements and a hammer. Orthopaedic surgeons aren’t known for their hesitant nature.

Just a few minutes later, I had a couple of fresh dressings on and was back on my feet, hobbling around again. Having shared the pics with my sister – an ex-nurse – I was given the seal of approval for a job well done.

An additional major milestone today may be going down five floors in the lift to get a breath of fresh air at the entrance to our apartment block. That aside, I’m guessing there’ll be more sleep. And not much else.

I’m pooped.

But I’m also going a little stir-crazy and can’t remember the last time I was stuck at home for such an extended period. Physio begins on Tuesday, so I need to start  planning how I’ll get from here to there. It’s a 10-minute walk across the Canary Wharf estate….for normal people.

I’m estimating a 45-minute shuffle with crutches. And breaks along the way.

3 comments on “Knee Surgery: Day Six

  1. Nice!

    Pink but not too bruised. I have worse bruises from using Bobby as a guide dog (him, without training) when I was rendered blind by tests over a month ago.

    I know they did far more work but it looks like they were sort of gentle about it (if you’ve never seen videos of bone-removal or fat-sucking, do! — I’ve had the bone removal and don’t know how any of us survive…then again, the US doesn’t have *the best* ranking for medical care and I mean when you ARE covered).

    I know a nice shower is good for your mind and I hope you’re having it rather easy today with work.


  2. ethnicolor

    Dude! You had my sympathies… right up to the point I spotted what looks like an Eames ottoman! If it is, and you also have the matching chair, then it’s just that little bit harder to feel sorry for you!

    I’m kidding – my better half broke his collarbone, ribs and wrecked his back after a bike accident 12 months ago; recovery was horrendous, so I can guess what your going through. Also, over 20 years ago my sister wrecked her left knew in a car accident in London; her recovery included having her knee in a cast for over a year, so I can sympathise. Though if it was me I’d move off the Eames before taking the snaps; a single breeze-block would be much more pitiful! 😉

    Good luck with the physio!


    • Thanks! Physio this morning was a welcome diversion and the physio had good news to share. I’m in better shape than I thought I was though plenty of recovery work to be done.

      And it’s nothing compared to you other half’s various injuries – sounds horrendous. Hope he’s well in the road to a full recovery.

      As for the chair, I make no apology for desiring comfort for my fat ass 😉


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