The Return of Moon Knight


Newsarama reported the planned return of an ongoing Moon Knight comic earlier this month:

With Moon Knight #1 in March 2014, the team of Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire will try to bring the character into the spotlight – something the character himself has always been reluctant to do.

I really enjoyed the last Moon Knight series, which was set in Los Angeles. Marc Spector, Moon Knight’s alter ego, was portrayed sensitively – as sensitively as you can a vicious vigilante with multiple competing personalities. In fact, I think – now that I’m laid up with this faulty knee – I’ll have a re-read of those issues this weekend.

The new series will be set in New York, which is a bit of a disappointment. If there’s one thing New York doesn’t need in the Marvel Universe is another crime-fighting, cape-wearing guy with a chip on his shoulder. It would have been nice to see him stay in L.A. and continue to tidy up the film industry (or did I just imagine that bit?). I’m slightly worried the new series will consist of lots of super-hero cameo appearances, diluting the impact of the Moon Knight character.

Moon Knight has previously been criticised for being a Marvel ripoff of Batman. I don’t think that’s fair – he’s deeper and more complex – and has never relied on a Moon Knight utility belt or Moon Knight Copter to save the day. (I jest, Batman fans – please, no hate mail). But like Batman, he’s not beyond using fear and the threat of violence to get his way.

It’s a shame that the last Moon Knight series wasn’t continued beyond issue 12. In just a single year of comics we got to see Spector track down criminals dealing in Ultron technology, kind of team-up with Echo and deal with the multiple personalities (represented by different Avengers) giving him conflicting advice at every turn. It was tightly written and beautifully brought to the page by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev.

I was obviously in a minority, as the series was cancelled.

I hope next year’s series goes beyond 12 issues and is just as character-driven as its predecessor. And maybe we’ll get to see the return of Echo, partnering up with Moon Knight? Or will he join the ranks of the Avengers again, even only on a part-time basis?

Only four months to wait…

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