Knee Surgery: Day Five


I wasn’t going to even write two posts with updates on my post-surgery experience, but I’ve noticed they’ve actually been quite popular. Either lots of you are having or have had knee surgery and are empathising with me or scaring yourselves silly…or I’ve tapped into a whole new fetish scene.

Either way…brace yourselves.

Today was not a good day on a knee front. I’ve been in a fair amount of pain – effectively chasing the pain with the painkillers. Which is never a good plan. My knee actually feels like it’s changing shape inside – which I know it’s not – but no single sitting/lying position is comfortable for more than about 15 minutes.

If I’m feeling positive, that’s just a sign of healing taking place. A less positive (and therefore more familiar) perspective would be that the surgery has gone horribly wrong and I’ll never walk normally again.

I’ve also been feeling very grumpy. A real joy to be around. After being woken up by roadworks at 4am this morning (don’t ask!), I was a tad tired. This culminated in an unplanned nap/falling unconscious on the couch this afternoon for two hours. Immediately after taking some pills.

I’m left stiff, sore and counting down the hours until I can take my next painkiller. It’s hard to concentrate on anything – reading, listening to podcasts, TV.

My dressings are coming off tomorrow and I’ll be able to take my first proper shower (too much information?) which I hope will give me a boost. Half-hearted attempts with a wash-cloth just aren’t the same. The dressing covers a third of my leg and is a bit like a mini-cast, so without it, I’m hoping that I’ll have more freedom of motion in the joint as well – making my physio exercises a little easier.

We can summarise today as “harrumph” and quickly move on.

Accentuating the positive, I got a lovely “Get Well Soon” gift from @MadTante all the way over in the US, had a nice call from a friend, another from my mum and @FrankDJS is cooking us a cracking dinner.

Onwards and upwards.

(With a lot of help of Tremadol).

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