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Knee Surgery: Day Four

I’m sub-titling this post “Planning for Recovery”.

Even though it sounds like something a politician in a failing state would name a bland economic document.


The post-op stiffness has decreased quite a lot overnight – I’m walking a little less like John Wayne and more like Nathan Lane pretending to be John Wayne (The Birdcage….anyone?). The pain is there, even with the painkillers, but I’ve been bravely pushing though on the post-op exercises the surgeon and physio recommended. I’m brave, me. (Not really).

I’ll be honest, it’s tiresome rather than agony. Like having a migraine in my leg. I keep forgetting (somehow) I’m all strapped up and get my foot caught in the duvet, or bang it off a table leg as I’m sitting down.

Then I’m reminded that I had a (probably not very gentle) orthopaedic surgeon rooting around in there less than a week ago.

Sleeping aside – and seriously, I cannot get over how tired this has left me – I’ve been planning for the future. I’ve arranged my post-op check up with the surgeon and my first physio session. By chance, the recommended local physio is a sports specialist too. So I can get some sensible advice about a return to sporting activity while I’m there.

That aside, I’ve been reading some interesting stories of how people have get back on the saddle (metaphorically speaking and sometimes quite literally) after this kind of setback and continued running seriously.

I’ve also mentally spent a small fortune on new gear for when I’m able to exercise again: new trainers (the old ones have next to no cushioning on them), new bike (to break up the impact on my knees) and all the various bits and bobs that go with a bike.

No money has yet changed hands – even I wouldn’t by a bike off the internet, sight unseen. I’ll have to do some more research and visit some stores. But I think it’s a relatively easy way to return to activity without thumping the bejaysus out of my knees.

Putting all that aside, I’m back to work on Monday. Even working from home, it’s not going to be easy. What with my tendency to fall asleep at a moment’s notice. My plan is to sleep as much as possible this weekend and hopefully get that recovery phase out of the way.

Very minor walking next week, physio on Tuesday and more of a plan after that.

One, slightly camp, step at a time.

2 comments on “Knee Surgery: Day Four

  1. My reader isn’t working, so I’m ‘following’ you for now via WP reader. Oh, the humanity when hillbillies have to access blogs via WP’s own aggregator?

    Anyhoo, nice to hear the pain is manageable!

    After physio, remember: ICE. Not more than 20″ but that’ll help it not swell too much after working it. Too much ice impedes blood flow, so it’s a sticky situation but worth avoiding sleep loss after therapy!

    They always say cycling is great. I hit every hole and even ran into a POST once. My lack of depth perception means cycling ain’t such a grand idea due to the injuries I incur:p


    • Thanks – looking forward to physio, actually, even though it’ll be tough. It’ll also be progress towards walking normally again 🙂

      Maybe I’ll check out bikes in the post-xmas sales… mind you with the number cyclists killed in London lately, I might wait until the evenings are brighter!


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