Review: Avengers Assemble #21

Avengers-Assemble-21-Cover-e1579As I’m stuck in bed this week, I’ve caught up on a fair bit of reading. However, the focus has been firmly on comics, as anything longer and I tend to nod off.

Oh, the glories of Tremadol.

One of the highlights of my week was Avengers Assemble issue 21, featuring Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl and Black Widow. It was fun, fun, fun and beautifully drawn. Kelly Sue Deconnick is my new comics hero – the dialogue in this issue was a scream.

(Incidentally, Kelly Sue is married to the equally fantastic Matt Fraction – he of Hawkeye fame. How amazing must their dinnertime conversations be?!)

And yes, there were a few knowing references to the fact that all three characters are associated with spiders – I would definitely buy an ongoing monthly series featuring them and nobody else. Kelly Sue brings Jessica Drew alive.

Based around the “Inhumanity” storyline, our three heroines investigate the theft of some Inhuman cocoons. It is a self-supported issue, there’s no need to read others to get up to speed (where to start?!) and the writer and artists represent the havoc of the Infinity aftermath beautifully.

These Avengers (okay, Spider-Girl isn’t strictly an Avenger) all score high on the badass scale. Throw them together and you get all kinds of badassery.

This time, it’s the science-mongers at A.I.M. who find themselves on the receiving end of some Spider-themed kapows.

Did I mention the dialogue is amazeballs?

I can never get enough of Spider-Woman, particularly the slightly kooky incarnations we’ve seen in recent years. Happy to see this is the first of at least two parts to this story – bring on Avengers Assemble #22.

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