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Knee Surgery: Day Three

To be blunt, this is getting boring.

(Probably for you, too…)

I’m thoroughly bored of being immobile, in pain and stiff. Sleep is difficult, as I keep rolling over onto my knee during the night. Each time, this jolts me awake and I spend a good 10 minutes getting comfortable again before I can sleep.

On the other hand, the general pain in the knee has reduced a little, but I’m still taking the painkillers religiously – after some initial (and quite stupid) unwillingness to take them, following dire warnings of addition from the medical team. They make me feel quite woozy, making it difficult to read or concentrate. I had plans for being very productive while confined to bed, but my attention span evaporates every time I take the painkillers, leaving me feeling guilty for just lying here.

I’ve continued the recommended exercises given to me by the physio, but find them pretty much impossible. Will keep going, just to see if my knee will return to its usual “bendiness” by the weekend.

Still hobbling around the apartment every few hours as I can’t stay in bed all day – despite access to a Kindle, iPad, iPhone, TV and laptop, I get bored in bed very easily. The very definition of a First World Problem.

I would absolutely love a bath, but that’s not possible until at least another three or four days. So it’s “stand up washing” at the sink, which is bringing all the fun of outdoor camping to my central London home. All appeals for a bed bath have so far been studiously ignored. I permanently feel like I’ve just got off a particularly long and uncomfortable transatlantic flight.

I shouldn’t complain – @FrankDJS has been incredibly patient and attentive. But I hate being reliant on anyone completely, so it’s just as well I’m fending for myself today.

But really. I’m looking forward to less hobbling and some proper physio to get me walking around with some confidence.

I’ve reviewed my running plans for 2014 in light of all this. A few weeks ago, I ambitiously laid out a personal race calendar for the year ahead, but I honestly don’t think I’ll be doing anything too competitive for the first quarter. And I’ll be starting gently, pretty much ruling out half-marathon distance until the summer.

It would be great to be able to run the Edinburgh Half-marathon again in May – maybe even beat my last race time there. But no London Marathon, unless there’s a miracle between now and April.

I’ll take guidance on running and training from the physio, as I don’t want to go through surgery like this again. And I’ll have to mix up the running with other exercise, so I’ll need to get more familiar with our gym’s stationary bike and start swimming again.

But first, walking without crutches.

I’m due in Edinburgh in two weeks from today, to present at a conference. So that’s my goal for moving with more confidence. For the first time since I was an infant, I’ll need help getting on and off a plane – should be an interesting experience. And a reminder of why I travel BA – I can’t imagine how hard it would be to deal with a journey like that using Ryanair or similar.


Wish me luck!

2 comments on “Knee Surgery: Day Three

  1. Slow and steady and all that but truly, it’s better to heal well and play harder…later. You know this but as an over-achiever at collecting over-training injuries (a repeat offender), I know it’s SO easy to just push it.

    It may take all over 2014 to get back to ‘fighting form’ but that sounds like an exceptional challenge for a year, don’t you think? I do!

    Plus, if you have access to IFC, they’re running a Three Stooges marathon and there’s nothing like stoogery to help speed the healing process.


    • I know you’re right. I just have the patience of a four-year old sometimes.


      Most of the time. But a slow and well-managed return to running will be much better than a crazy dash that leaves me needing more surgery.

      And such a great idea: 2014 will be my “comeback year”. 🙂


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