A quick Surgery update

This morning’s knee surgery went without a hitch. The hospital staff were all amazing – thorough, professional and very friendly. I was in at 7:00am, down for surgery at 10:00am and came to in the recovery room about 11:15am.

I was pretty out of it – haven’t had a general anaesthetic since I was 18 – and had a bit of knee pain. But after the return to my room and a light lunch, I felt a lot more human. A relief after fasting completely since last night.

20131126-180203.jpgI took a selfie with my iPhone to show my parents I was doing okay. With hindsight, I can see I looked as high as a kite. I’m not so smiley now!

The physio came by and taught me how to use the crutches and handed over written advice on exercises and a recovery schedule. We walked a little and took on half a flight of stairs.

Then an update from the surgeon – I’ll spare you the gorey details, suffice to say my knee was in worse shape than either of us thought. But he did his best and is confident I’ll make a full recovery in the coming months.

I’ll have to moderate my running intensity next year and break it up with swimming or cycling. But no reason why I can’t race once I’m back in shape.

This was a major relief for me as running has been such a great stress-buster for me, as well as helping me sleep.

So, who know? Maybe 2014 will see me return to the world of Triathlon.

For the next few days though, I need to focus on managing the pain (it’s considerably more ouch-y now) and keeping flexible. Rest and some basic stretching exercises for the remainder of the week.

@FrankDJS has been my knight in shining armour, driving me to and from the hospital, waiting with me and assisting with the now quite difficult removal of shoes and clothing.

All in all, it went as well as I could have hoped. Thanks to all who sent me text messages, emails and tweets of support. It was lovely to wake up to such positivity.

I’m safe in bed at home now and planning to catch up on some much-needed non drug-induced sleep!

11 comments on “A quick Surgery update

  1. Glad surgery went well! Sending healthy vibes!


  2. We’re so happy to hear you’re okay. I’ve not had knee surgery but I’ve had general anaesthesia and surgeries elsewhere several times. One rule may hold true: days 2-4 tend to be ouchier. It’s a bitch.

    Realise this and take it easy. Don’t go thinking you have have to pirouette just yet. Next week? I expect a spin and a dip.


    • Thank pet. Planning to take it very easy. Have been in bed all afternoon and keep spontaneously falling asleep.

      As in, bang! Unconscious.

      I’m going with the flow and definitely not fighting it. Normally,mud be wary if napping during the day based on what it would do to my nighttime sleep… But as I’ve been told I’ll be woken up by the pain anyway, I’ll catch the shut eye while I can!


  3. A lovely post that made me smile – you look totally stoned. Good to know it went well. Take care 🙂


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