This just in: What an amazing screen!

l_21399865My new iPad Mini with Retina Display was delivered this afternoon. I was so busy preparing to finish work so I can recuperate from tomorrow’s knee surgery that I’d completely forgotten it was due.

I’ve only had about 30mins to play with it, and most of that was setting it up with my various accounts, but…oh my. What an amazing screen. They weren’t lying when they said it was “amazing”.

For me, it’s like the difference between looking in a foggy mirror and wiping it clear. It’s also super-fast. This upgrade was, for me, definitely worth the cash.

I’ll have plenty of time tomorrow and in the following days to get used to it, as I have “surgery recovery time” scheduled. Meaning bed, Kindle, podcasts and Twitter.

Expect a more detailed review in due course, but for now: wow.

I can definitely recommend.

5 comments on “This just in: What an amazing screen!

  1. When I bumped up from MB to MBP w/ retina in mid-2012, it was lovely but it’s just not *that* necessary. I don’t want to go without one but even being a graphic artist? I didn’t *need* it… I think they should all be using retina displays now, though!

    I’m happy that you’re pleased and I know this will aid in your healing process, lapin!


  2. I was thinking of doing a crap photoshop for you but googled and this was funnier: http://apcmag.com/images/rabbit-out-of-hat-ipad-625.jpg


  3. Hope it goes well tomorrow


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