Stunning advertising from British Airways

In the middle of Piccadilly Circus, an amazing ad from British Airways…

Somehow (technology….something something…series of tubes….) this little animated boy points up at the sky at the flight path of incoming BA flights, while the screen announces which particular flight this is.

This is entertaining and smart advertising.

Michael O’Leary, please take note…

(Though I have to wonder what the folks at Aer Lingus think about BA using the hashtag “LookUp”… Am I showing my age here?)

  1. That’s very cool!

    I haven’t been to Piccadilly Circus since around 1995 (rly) but I doubt I looks up at all! Rather busy not getting myself or my charges run over.

    Technology is practically creepy…but cool.

    Speaking of alien technology, have you watched this week’s Agents?



    1. Not yet – might squeeze it in this evening. Presently prepping dinner, then planning on collapsing for an hour or two.

      Plus, there are comics to be read… 🙂



      1. I was excited about the ‘tie-in’ to Thor: Dark World that was advertised. Slightly less impressed by tie-in but still interesting that they’re making a point to stay current, film:TV.



        1. Just switched it on. 🙂



  2. “Wingin’ away each day, another trail in the sky…!” It was late 70s or very early 80s, and I was a complete aeroplane geek at the time. What I remember about the ad was looking at all those other kids having their teddies handed back to them by smiling Aer Lingus hostesses (there’s a word) and thinking “who are these lucky kids who get to go on real jets?! To America?!”



    1. Must have been 80s, as I remember it pretty clearly. Has stuck around like an ear-worm ever since…every time I see an Aer Lingus plane in fact.

      Now that’s advertising impact!



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