An iPad has been purchased…

l_21399865In the end, I went for an iPad Mini (Retina) wifi model. Couldn’t justify the extra expense of 3G (4G?) when I’m pretty much connected to wifi all day and night. And when I’m not, there’s always tethering it to my iPhone and its (seemingly) limitless data allowance.

And if I can’t get connection on my iPhone either, then I’m somewhere I don’t want to be and it’s just the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s way of telling me to go home to civilisation.

Went for the 128GB model, as it’s the screen plus storage that convinced me to upgrade in the first place. My 64GB model was/is constantly full of comics, magazines, movies and content from iTunes University.

While the iPad Air is just gorgeous – it’s too big for what I need. I know – complete “First World Problem” complaining about such a light and beautiful tablet. But the size and weight of the Mini is perfect. For what I need, at any rate.

(And think of all the new iPad accessories I’d have to buy if I went for a model in a different size!)

Via Quidco, I get a few shekels back for my trouble, as well as free delivery. And the existing iPad Mini will sell for a decent price as it’s in great nick and is a model they don’t sell anymore.

It should be here Monday, meaning this weekend in Madrid is my last jaunt abroad with the faithful (non-retina) Mini. And after this week of insomnia combined with travel andcrazy working hours, I’m looking forward to it.

1 comment on “An iPad has been purchased…

  1. Enjoy Spain and I know you’ll love the new mini!

    I’ve all but decided to get an HTC One (after all that frothing at the mouth over the S S4) *if* I can get a good deal.

    They have an excellent deal in the 32GB But data-hog here wants a 64. If a 32 is going for 80USD, the next size up is 300? I could get a 64 iPhone 5s for that!

    (These are all with 2 yr contracts)

    Hence, waiting for The Special Offer.


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