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Thinking anti-social thoughts…

westfieldIn my quest to have a play with the new iPads – to try before I buy – I made the truly stupid mistake of visiting Westfield Stratford after midday on a Saturday.

It. Was. Hell. On. Wheels.

I’m not a massive fan of crowds anyway, but something about the slow-moving sheep-like crowds at Westfield today made me want to scream bloody murder.

People seemed to wilfully block my every move, standing at the top and bottom of escalators, blocking lifts, shop entrances and anywhere else I wanted to go.

The moved in herds, five and six-abreast, wheeling massive baby-carriers resembling something from the future.

I’m pretty Type A at the best of time but found myself having to mentally talk myself back from a meltdown.

A lightning fast visit to the Apple Store (“we don’t sell iPad Minis, you need to buy them online”), then John Lewis (“we don’t sell them in store, you have to buy them online”) and finally Currys (“It hasn’t been released yet but have you seen the new Nexus?”) and I was out the door and back on the Jubilee Line to the relative sanity of Canary Wharf.

Which was desolate by comparison. But similarly lacking in iPad Minis.

I’m sorry to say the whole episode has driven me to comfort eating (my excuse, anyway) and I’m about to crack open a new box of mince pies from Marks & Spencer.

Definitely buying my next iPad online.

And probably every single bit of my Xmas shopping.

Westfield’s loss shall be Amazon’s gain.

4 comments on “Thinking anti-social thoughts…

  1. I’m with 100% of the way on this. There are a few select shops I will make a trip out to visit, mostly independent retailers, where I am known and treated well. Everything else is bought online (via independents if I can). Hope the mince pies were nice!


  2. Christ. Westfields are in the UK, too? They’ve bought almost every shopping mall I’ve heard of and are only fit to venture into at 11-14:00 every third Tuesday.

    You were intrepid to last 3 shops! I have to go for Apple, too, but then it’s almost always immediate retreat OR a brief stop at Barnes & Noble (who have their own entrance/exit!).

    Sorry you didn’t get to try one. I like to see things for myself as well. I’m sure this device will be to your liking, though.


    • Yep – they have two MASSIVE malls here in London. It’s fine when it’s quiet – quite nice, actually. But throw in the public and it’s a disaster.

      Not in a crazy rush to get the iPad but would at least like to touch it first.

      Onwards and upwards!


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