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iPad quandary

ipadminiGreat excitement in this household at the launch of not one, but two new iPads recently. I was surprised by the iPad Air, though it looks gorgeous. A lighter and much faster version of the iPad 3, it’s quite desirable.

For me, the main focus was the new iPad Mini with Retina Display – despite all other announcements, this got most of my attention. I love my iPad Mini and it’s basically an extension of my arm – never far away from my reach, in constant use throughout the day. And now I have a fab insert to keep it snug in my A5 Filofax.

But having finally picked up (and fondled) an iPad Air, I’m seriously considering replacing my Mini and with Air. It’s insanely light compared to the original iPad I had a few years ago. It’s possible to read for long periods holding it with just one hand. The screen is gorgeous and the finish and details are beautiful.

However, the Mini is so portable. One of the reasons I use it so much is that it’s so small and light and easily fits into any bag I’m carrying.

Interestingly, when you compare the iPad models side by side on the Apple site, the screen resolution on the Mini is actually higher than on the Air: 264 pixels per inch on the Air but 326 pixels per inch on the Mini.

Would my insanely tired and bespectacled eyes notice the difference?

Probably not.

And after all, I’ve finally managed to get my iPad Mini to work well with the Filofax. An Air just wouldn’t fit.

I sense a visit to the Apple Store to get physical with these models before I hand over any cash. I also need to decide between a Wifi-only model and one with 3G. I’m erring towards 3G for the many, many train journeys I need to take for work where there is no wifi available.

But the jury’s still out.

Anyone out there with either an iPad Air or Mini with Retina Display care to comment?

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