I’m A5-ing it once again


After a previous post bemoaning the size of my A5 Original Filofax (I do have a life, honest), my new iPad insert for same has given it a new lease of life.

Combining very practical A5-size paper for notes, scribbles and brainstorms, along with my iPad Mini for checking agenda, accessing Evernote and Omnifocus, this is turning out to be a dream-team from a work perspective.

It’s not overly heavy, as long as I clean out notes (and scan them!) every couple of days. Plus, the iPad case adds a stability missing from  Filofax Original binders, making it easier to write on when balanced on my knee.

I had a very productive flight from London to Edinburgh on Friday evening, using this system to sketch out and design a new workshop. Being able to get thoughts onto paper quickly, while flipping over to read from Evernote on the iPad was really, really useful.

I’d love if Filofax brought out their own iPad Mini-friendly binders – but for now, this one will do nicely.

  1. […] of my arm – never far away from my reach, in constant use throughout the day. And now I have a fab insert to keep it snug in my A5 […]



  2. So does your new iPad mini fit this ok? I know a few people would love to be able to buy this ‘insert’ in EU or USA



    1. Haven’t tried it yet – would assume so as the dimensions are the same. Still in hospital so it’s a mission for tomorrow.



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