*Another* new X-Force title?

Well, kind of. This one appears to be replacing the two existing titles, neither of which has really got me going if I’m honest. It’s Cable – he’s just such a shallow, 90’s comics character and I can never separate him fully from my loathing of all things Rob Liefield.

Anyway, this new title might just be redeemed by the other characters in the team…Fantomex, Psylocke, Dr. Nemesis…Morally dubious, violent when required and always, always funny.

(What does that say about me?!)

The premise sounds interesting:

In our world, the real world, this endless shadow-game is played by having better technology and better intelligence than your opponent. It’s a constant race to improve, to collect, to gather resources, to get stronger and better. To keep your country’s flag flying a little higher than theirs.

In the Marvel Universe? The role is filled by superhumans. So here’s the central conceit:

Every nation in the Marvel Universe makes use of covert superhuman agents to pursue its secret agendas. And always has. Some of them we know about: MI-13, the Secret Avengers. Most of them we’ll be meeting for the first time.

Just before the new X-FORCE begins, something happened. Something big we’re going to be finding out about little-by-little as we move forwards. We’re referring to it as “the Alexandria Incident.” What’s clear is that it’s changed the rules. It’s changed the way the world—and in particular its secret and oh-so-deadly intelligence communities—regard mutantkind. And it’s changed that way Cable sees his duty.

I’ll give it a go – but if it’s just another Cable-tastic guns and ‘splosions epic, then I’ll be dropping it just as fast. Please: let’s see some character development!

Follow-up questions: where will we get to see the remaining characters from the existing X-Forec titles? Especially Forge, who’s one of my faves from the old days. And Domino? She was just getting interesting…

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