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More X-Men excitement

This was not the trailer I was expecting, but I like it. I like it a lot. Much better than an unending series of Michael-Bay-esque explosions and giant robots (which we all know are going to feature at some point. Sentinels, duh!).

Interesting cameos from various characters…I spotted Bishop and Blink, while the Guardian reports the film will also feature Quicksilver and Sunspot. Too may mutants?

Overloading the movie with superheroes might please fans of the comic books, but the rest of us will be chewing on our own spleens when the umpteenth brightly-coloured dude turns up to spout one line of dialogue, then drop off the map.

Cameos will definitely please this comics fan, but I see where he’s coming from. Anyone appearing in this film really should have a purpose and not be part of a character check-list. That said, where’s Banshee?

God I’m looking forward to this.

6 comments on “More X-Men excitement

  1. Great post, I can’t wait until this film is released.


  2. Read the Empire frame by frame breakdown. Sooo looking forward to this


  3. I think these Marvel cameos aren’t just nods but reminders or basically foreshadows to let viewers know–or prep–more from those characters soon.

    I’ve heard Agents of SHIELD described as Marvel’s means of weekly advertising its films.

    I don’t doubt it’ll bring people in but I’m fairly certain they’re aiming at it finding its own success (and income).


    • Just hoping this isn’t the last X-Men film we see – they have a final balance to maintain between the fan-boys like me (amazed at spotting various lesser-known characters) and the average cinema goer who is paying to see Hugh Jackman without his shirt on.

      I’m not saying I don’t fit into both of the above groups, mind you…


      • Indeed. And not just since Jackman is fading (ahem, I’ll be happy to take him off their hands) but this is one of those cases where a reboot (not that I’m ready for that) makes sense. We age, don’t we? They’ll beat any idea to death but it’s become so big.


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