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New iPad? Yes please!

iPadMiniSo yesterday’s iPad announcements from Apple were delicious, right?

Very pleased to see a retina iPad Mini, now with 128GB storage. I’ll be getting one of those as soon as they hit the shelves. I’m in love with the iPad Mini form factor, so more storage, faster processor and a better display combine for quite the tasty treat.

I’m sure I’ll get a few quid for the model I have: 64GB, scratch-free and constantly held lovingly.

(I can remove the comics and greasy fingerprints, honest).

Yes, the iPad Air looks nice, but it’s still too big for me.

I know – talk about a First World Problem. “That insanely powerful and versatile tablet computer is just too heavy for my weak wrists…”

Nice also to see the launch of OS X Mavericks. Amazingly (to anyone who knows me) I haven’t installed it on any of my machines – despite it being both available and FREE! I’m looking to replace both my iMac and Macbook Air in the coming months, so I can do without the headache of a system update when I’m only going to use it for weeks.

Plus, by the time I’m using Mavericks, they’ll have identified and sorted most of the bugs.


It looks loverly and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. But only when it’s pre-installed on a new machine.

Free updates to iWorks and iLife (both of which I have on my iPad Mini)? Yes please, though I’m wondering if I’ll ever get them to work for me properly. Think I need to dedicate some time to finding my way around them and wean myself off the bloatware that is Office for the Mac. It’s a requirement for my day job, but I’d dearly love to uninstall office from all my machines.

Maybe one day…

All in all, a great set of announcements from Apple. Sadly, it’s also one that will result in me being significantly poorer in the coming weeks.

Thank jeebus they didn’t announce a new Apple TV or an iWatch. I’d be selling a kidney to pay for it all.

2 comments on “New iPad? Yes please!

  1. After PAYING for iWork, I’ve poured over forums where people eventually say, ‘Well, of COURSE you lost formatting going to Word (or from).’ Ugh. Yes, you can open things but it’s about a half-step up from Google Docs. Bleurg. Free? Great! Pay (even at $20 for each) was train robbery.

    (unrelated except software I hoped would ‘replace’ the Powerhouses out there: I strongly recommend Pixelmator rather than Photoshop, even for graphic artists — not perfect but you can get virtually anything done in it at a FRACTION; this doesn’t help you unless you’re tempted one day to play in AdobeLand)

    While I won’t buy, the new Mac Pro is the exciting thing to me! My company has finally taken my advise from 5 years ago and moved from Mac Pros to iMacs because they really are big enough for what we do (graphics apps are hogs but not as big as if we rendered video daily). It’s amazing how powerful everything is getting.


  2. We’re excited to see the one pound mini!


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