The return of X-Factor!!

All-New-X-Factor-001-Jared-Fletcher-Kris-Anka-Cover-1Despite news of X-Factor’s cancellation a while back, I knew that it would have to make a return some day. I just didn’t think it would be so soon!

According to Newsarama, X-Factor – albeit in a very different form – will return as a corporately-sponsored team.

The book will still be written by the most excellent Peter David and, so far, all we know is the roster will include Polaris, Quicksilver and Gambit.

An interesting mix.

Polaris and Quicksilver featured in his original 90’s run on X-Factor, so I have to wonder if any of the others will show up too?

This picture (snagged from Newsarama) features the three characters named above, in addition to two others who remain nameless as yet. And a sixth secret member not even drawn on the cover.

The one in the red hood could be anyone, really. The blonde guy with the red shades…echoes of Cyclops? Could it be? After all, he made up one of the original X-Factor team when it initially launched.

If not Cyke, who could it be?

Actually, a blonde mutant with a history of X-Factor membership? How about Scott Summers’ brother, Alex? AKA Havok, he was team leader during Peter David’s first X-Factor run.

If it is Havok, then he would definitely be playing the “straight guy” up against the ever-so-slightly unhinged Polaris (extreme father issues and a tendency towards megalomania), the egotistical and narcissistic Quicksilver and the thieving, rule-breaking Gambit.

He’d definitely have his hands full. But he’s also squad leader over on Uncanny Avengers. Or is that tenure about to end…?

There’s a whole pile of exciting x-related comics news, fresh from New York ComiCon, including new artists, writers and titles. Some very exciting news there, including:

  • An upcoming Trial of Jean Grey (the young, time-travelling one, who has yet to go Phoenix-crazy and destroy entire planets) featuring these young X-Men and my latest fave title, the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • An Amazing X-Men title, featuring the (inevitable) return of Nightcrawler. launching next month.
  • A focus on the Inhumans in Uncanny X-men, where it will be interesting to see how the Marvel Universe makes a distinction between its existing mutant population and all these Johnny-come-lately Inhumans.

These developments look very, very exciting.

But yet again, I’m left wondering: where’s Banshee? He’s been “dead” for a really long time…

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