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Squeal-inducing Star Trek “news”

SpockKirkI have @Nutchild to thank for bringing this to my attention: the very slight possibility that Star Trek is going to return to TV as an ongoing series.

I know.

Deep breaths.

Hold my hand: shit just got real.

According to Newsarama:

Sky News reporter Joe Michalczuk tweeted on October 8 that during a press junket for the film Ender’s Game, Star Trek co-writer/producer Robert Orci told him that the franchise’s producers had met with CBS to do a new Star Trek television series. Neither Michalczuk or Sky News have published a formal article elaborating on this and Orci hasn’t made any public comment on his own, so this second-hand statement can be seen as a potential, but unconfirmed report.

Yes, yes…a rumour and nothing more. But there are mere details. This fills my geekish heart with joy.

Oh happy day.

No news on when it will be set – pre- or post-Kirk, or even if it will be set on a ship. There’s plenty of Trek universe to be fully explored out there – look at what Deep Space 9 did with a single space station as the stage for a show. And look at the multitude of books and games that have spun out of this various shows and films.

My own fan-boy preference?

A show set post-Enterprise, but before The “Original Series” with Shatner and team. Back when it was still dangerous as all hell to go into space, before there was a Federation to fall back on and when homo sapiens were the new kids in town. Bumbling and finding there way from one disaster to the next. Plenty of opportunity to explore first contact with other species in depth. Plenty of scope to pick up some of the plot threads left dangling at the end of Enterprise.

But what do I know? I’m just one nerd among a galaxy of super-nova level nerds.

I’d be happy with pretty much any Trek content in a new ongoing series.

You hear me CBS?

7 comments on “Squeal-inducing Star Trek “news”

  1. I’m with you, kitten. I’m up for any ST after all these years (however, I hated DS9; I’m a ‘boldly go-girl’ not so much, ‘space soap’).

    I never LOVED Enterprise (though I watched EVERY epi as it dropped) but after years without new Trek, I started watching them again and love it now…I think that I was expecting something different before but looking back, it was quite brilliant. Of course, I loved Voyager, where a lot of people found it infantile. I think they have a problem with women in roles of authority. I liked that the whole crew was meant to be cadets, basically (or mercenaries). Great idea, that.


    • I liked all the series, but for different reasons. *LOVED* Janeway, wasn’t so fond of Sisko. But he had a better ensemble cast. The Cardassians were great villains and I felt the stories were a little deeper.

      I really liked Enterprise, actually – would have liked to have seen it run for at least one more season. Seemed cut off in its primed. Re-watched the pilot episode again just this morning and it holds up very well.

      Let’s see what comes next. Ay Trek is better than no Trek, right?

      As long as it doesn’t feature Data. Or annoying children…


      • I’m a massive Brent Spiner fan but I think even he wouldn’t want to play Data again.


        • There’s no make-up in the world could hide those “laughter lines” now..


          • Ouch! Kitten, those claws are sharp!


            • I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about. 😉

              In fairness, he has to play a non-ageing android when he’s very plainly ageing like the rest of us.


              • I thought what they did, aging people and giving The Doctor (from Voyager) hair to show the future was pretty fun. I think that they could do something like that with him–especially as he has ‘Pinocchio’ Syndrome *but* it wouldn’t be advisable. And I honestly think he’d not be up for it.

                Now Ryker/ Troi? They’d love getting cast (or recast).


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