A sick little hobbit

Medical update: Am in bed after battling illness for a week. I picked up something nasty when in Madrid last week and landed in London with a mildly sore throat. This has in turn developed into a crazily painful throat and now a hacking cough.

Thank you, Madrid, for sharing your germs so freely.

After working through it all week, I finally admitted defeat yesterday afternoon and left work early. The train back into London was full of noisy tourists returning from Bicester Village. Every scream and laugh was like a razor to my ear-drums. I slept for most of the journey, face pressed against the freezing cold window.

And so I woke up in Marylebone with an aching neck from sleeping awkwardly and a mild “nap hangover”, where I wasn’t actually sure where I was for several minutes.

Straight into bed at home yesterday evening, where I slept, sweated and shivered for a couple of hours. Random bouts of coughing kept me awake and left my throat raw. Waking up this morning, I’m still shivering, can’t swallow without pain and now ache in all my joints.

All this and it’s still called “man flu” by my caring colleagues.

You know who you are.

Most annoying for me?

The screens on my laptop and iPad actually hurt my eyes now. So I’m now reliant on fitful sleep and tech podcasts playing in the background to help me deal with the boredom of being stuck in bed.

4 comments on “A sick little hobbit

  1. I read this purely for the title. Are you kiwi?


    • Hi! Thanks for reading.

      Sorry to disappoint… I’m Irish. “Hobbit” reference is a long-standing joke related to my stature.

      And feet.


  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery


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