Woop! Woop! She-Hulk’s back!!

She-Hulk-1-VariantI don’t know how I missed this news last month, but Marvel are re-launching She-Hulk in her own title.

Coming next February, the series will:

“…chronicle the life and times of Jennifer Walters, the famous cousin of the original Hulk, who is equally known for her actions on the battlefield and in the courtroom. Unlike her cousin Bruce who considers being a Hulk a burden, series writer Charles Soule says that one of the most exciting facts about writing She-Hulk is how the character loves being a superhero.”

She-Hulk has always been a difficult character in the Marvel universe – some writers have portrayed her as a hero in the traditional sense, while others have focused on the comic elements of a 7-foot tall green lawyer. With mixed results, it has to be said.

I’m excited to see her getting her own series, especially after her successful appearances in the recent FF series. Fingers crossed it takes off. If they can make her an integral part of the Marvel universe, interacting with major players regularly, then it has a chance.

If she exists in a “She-Hulk bubble” and the focus is on “hilarious japes”, then I don’t think it’ll last.

I’m in for issue #1 for sure.

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