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Going crazy for golden phones…

Despite what everyone said when they were announced, it seems like Apple’s gold iPhone 5S models are flying off the shelves. According to Cult of Mac, gold phones are going for stupid amounts of money on eBay already.

The gold iPhone 5s is in very short supply. Apple has already sold out, and is unlikely to get them in volume for weeks to come. They are hard to come by. Many of Apple’s flagship stores received only a few units while many stores had none.

The rarity is reflected on eBay. there are a handful of gold iPhones for sale, ranging from $1,6 One gold iPhone 5s on sale is priced at a whopping $1,800 on eBay. Another is a tad cheaper at $1,699.

And how we laughed when Apple announced this new departure into bling.

Actually, I’m still laughing, mostly at the people paying such a crazy amount of money for a phone that they’ll be able to get from Apple again in a matter of weeks.

There’s no accounting for taste!

2 comments on “Going crazy for golden phones…

  1. Who knew, right?

    If it saves my APPL, good! I need the help as my RIMM is in the shitter (that’s banking jargon, sorry).


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