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Hoping for Apple-related surprises

Apple_gray_logoAs the world and its dog knows, Apple are going to announce some new products this coming Tuesday. All signs point to at least one new iPhone model – in all probability, two – as well as the confirmed availability of the new iOS 7.

All iPhone rumours indicate that we’ll see a slight update to the iPhone 5 (making it the iPhone 5s) as well as a multi-coloured, plastic version called the iPhone C. As an iPhone 5 owner, I’m not anticipating much in the way of excitement at whatever the 5s brings.

I’m hoping – perhaps hoping beyond hope – that Apple will announce something extra on Tuesday.

The things is, I’ve been a fan of Apple for…a very long time. I owned the very first model of iMac (in “Bondi Blue”) and have been a solid and consistent Apple user ever since. I love the smart design, reliability and usability of their products.

It’s not all good news

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think they can’t be improved. On the contrary, I have quite a wishlist for how they could improve a range of things, from iTunes to iCloud, from the iPhone battery to the iPad screen.

But, on balance, I like the products and how they work.

androidI’m just getting a little concerned that Apple are getting left behind in the mobile space. Their laptops and tablets are – in my opinion – second to none. But the recent mobile launches from Samsung, for example, illustrate how far Apple has fallen behind in terms of functionality.

Playing with the Samsung Galaxy S4 recently, I was struck by the clarity of the screen. It was large, bright and beautiful. The phone was easy to use with one hand, despite its size. OS functionality was comprehensive yet easy to navigate. I actually toyed with the idea of taking advantage of a free upgrade from Vodafone and nabbing it on the spot.

Ultimately, I decided to stay with my iPhone 5, based purely on the fact that I’m well and truly invested in the Apple eco-systems: apps, hardware and accessories.

That said…

What will we actually get?

I’m worried that Apple are going to just offer us a minor upgrade on the iPhone 5, while Samsung tears ahead with more advanced handsets. I’m also concerned that iOS 7 (bearing in mind I haven’t seen more than the few screenshots and videos Apple have decided to share so far) will barely catch up with what Android has to offer.

That leaves me wondering why I’d stay with Apple, at least where phones are concerned. If I can get a better mobile experience from Samsung, it would be nothing more than sentimentality keeping me in the Apple camp.

And that doesn’t make sense.

I’ve even gone so far as to research how I could move to Android relatively pain-free. It wouldn’t be that hard, to be honest.

The vast majority of apps I use on my iPhone represent web services like Dropbox and Evernote, which are readily available on Android. In fact the only app I use daily which doesn’t have an Android version is DayOne, the journalling app.

Actually, there’s another one: OmniFocus. But if I’m completely honest with myself, I could survive without OmniFocus, based on how similar apps have developed over the last year.

I know! Six months ago, I would have sworn blind that I’d stick with OmniFocus until the end of time.

But everything else is available on Android: Twitter, Evernote, WordPress, Path, Instagram, Google+ and the vast majority of other apps I use on a daily basis.

Decision time?

Not really.

I’ll duly download and install iOS 7 on my iPhone and iPad mini and see how I get on. But I have to say that unless I see something significantly more exciting than an iterative upgrade to the iPhone, I could be tempted to pick up a Samsung Galaxy 4 or even a Note 3.

I guess it boils down to this: I’m looking for an Apple phablet – I need a bigger screen and I’m too lazy to move to another operating system.

Let’s see what Tim ad his crew announce on Tuesday evening.

I hope that I return to this blog shortly afterwards, delighted at the turn Apple have taken and wondering how I’ll save up for the latest handset that I (believe I) need.


2 comments on “Hoping for Apple-related surprises

  1. I was almost sold on the SG4 until I remembered that I’ve paid out about 100USD in apps. Damn. I hate losing that functionality. However, an SG4 right now goes (special offer) for 100USD!! Cray-cray!

    I’ll prolly end up with *another* iPhone (been on them since 2007), although I’m still running this old 4S and it’s getting wonkier by the minute. I reset it a couple weeks ago, lost 8GB of stuff and it’s still not better. Wah!


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