Return of the FitBit

Fitbit-logo-1024x337This is possibly a record (possibly not), but I’ve managed to lose three FitBits.

(Click the above link to find out what they are…but in summary, a small multi-function digital pedometer).

More amazingly, the lovely people at FitBit have – in their mercy – decided to replace each missing unit, completely free of charge. I have previously blogged about this, but it’s not here anymore…after this blog was unceremoniously and completely destroyed.

After losing my third FitBit, I wasn’t in the mood for shelling out precious cash for another. Even though I’ve found it such a useful device. I knew it was floating around on a London rail replacement bus somewhere and messaged customer support at FitBit letting them know I had once again basically failed at being a responsible adult.


Low and behold, a replacement unit arrived in the post this week. Not only that, but it’s an upgrade! They don’t sell the FitBit Ultra I used to have, so I’m now the proud owner of a FitBit One. To my eyes, it’s a vast improvement.

And I’ve only been using it for a day.

In summary:

  • It’s smaller and lighter, but comes with an excellent rubberised holder to attach to trouser pockets. I think I’m a lot less likely to lose this (crosses fingers…possibly toes as well)
  • It can sync directly with my iPhone via Bluetooth. Previous models required me to sync with a single desktop computer (my iMac), but now I can update my FitBit log on the go

I’ve found FitBit makes me more mindful of how inactive I can be – particularly with such a sedentary job. I compete against myself, basically, to reach a goal of 10,000 steps each day. Sometimes, I’ll just go for a walk in the evening to make up the additional steps required to hit the target.

That said, it hasn’t been a particularly sedentary week…working in Cheltenham, Belfast and Dublin in a row, including three all-day workshops and navigating four (count ’em) airports. Lots of walking there. But none tracked by my new FitBit.

As it was sitting in a box on my desk, waiting for me.

So…a massive thank you to the human beings at FitBit for their excellent customer service. I hope never to bother them again.

Back to walking around for me. Or more accurately, limping.

But not to worry – the knee surgery is just weeks away.

3 comments on “Return of the FitBit

  1. I love the One, which I bought when my last Fitbit Ultra died. I could’ve gotten it replaced again (only LOST one but I’m on my 6th Fitbit, due to the others BREAKING — and yes, all replaced by Fitbit & Co.; I was simply too embarrassed to ask for *another*).

    Let me warn you: the only Fitbit I *lost* was the One! You may already be doing this but I learnt the hard way: you *really* need to wear it inwards-facing.

    I’d be interested in a Flex, due to its greater water-proof-icity, but I’m not keen on a hunk of rubber around my wrist.



    • Yep – already wearing it facing inwards. Less chance of it catching on anything.

      And used it as a keep monitor for the first time last night. It’s fab.


      • Yes!!! I’ve been using it as my ALARM. I’ve always used it for sleep monitoring as that’s a life-long problem with me (get between 1-3 hours of broken sleep…since infancy).

        Mostly, I love the alarm function. I don’t always look at the sleep part (the old Ultras did that, too, you just have to put it in activity mode, then out).


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