Premature excitement?

So my heart was all aflutter at the thought of getting my grubby little mitts on on Kindle Matchbook.

Yet this morning, Amazon emailed me to let me know about the new Kindle Paperwhite (really not sure it’s worth my while upgrading) but there was a noticeable lack of mentions of Kindle Matchbook or indeed the integration with Goodreads.

I’m wondering if my hypothetical delay between release of these services in the US and then the rest of the world might be longer than anticipated. Are UK publishers making life difficult for Amazon? Surely £2 for an ebook version of an already purchased hardback is better than £0?

Are publishers being greedy? Is Amazon playing hardball a la Apple?

I hope these imagined shenanigans don’t significantly delay the launch of Matchbook outside of the UK.

Are you listening, Amazon?

3 comments on “Premature excitement?

  1. Have you been contacted about the settlement (ebook price-fixing)? It was sort of funny timing for me, that I’d bitched online and then got the email the NEXT day! I’ll be getting credit WITHOUT having to do what any articles said (which I’d read like…20 pages of legal-ese about).


    • No! Really?!

      I’ve heard nothing. Maybe it’s just a US thing. I’d welcome some credit…never say no to some free ebooks 🙂


      • It was iTunes, B&N, Amazon…basically all of the majors. They got busted for price-fixing at an ‘over’ price.


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