Now that’s exciting!

KindlePaperwhiteYes, yes…Apple have finally confirmed they’re having a special event next Tuesday.

I could have told you that – for the past few years, they’ve managed to schedule these for when I’m out of range of the interwebs, usually on a plane. True to form, I’ll be on a flight home from Edinburgh when Tim Cook et al take to the stage and tell us all about the new iPhone(s).

No, that’s not what has me excited.

It’s the announcement from Amazon of their new Kindle. I know, I’ve just bought one. Typical.

And I don’t think I’m going to upgrade any time soon. It’s more what additional services are coming:

  • Integration with Goodreads, which I love using
  • Kindle Matchbook, where they offer you cheap or free ebook versions of books you’ve already bought in print.


It goes live in October and will have 10,000 books on day one, stretching all the way back to 1995. I have bought SO MANY books from Amazon in the last 10 years alone. Getting cheap (or free!) versions of these to enjoy all over again on my Kindle sounds like a dream come true.

So, I need to get realistic.

It will probably only launch in the US in October and come to the rest of the world later. Maybe much later. It probably won’t have all the publishers on board. And it almost certainly won’t include the academic publishers who bled me dry during my undergrad, masters and doctoral degrees.

But still. I bought the book, I should be able to get it in more than one format. It’s just like what Amazon are going for music – giving you the MP3s of the physical CDs you’ve already bought.

Such a great concept.

I never thought I’d say this, but…Hurry up October!!

4 comments on “Now that’s exciting!

  1. I bought 3 ebooks on my Nook HD so quickly last week that I didn’t realise I already own one in hardback.

    Idiot. It’s SO EASY.


    • It’s definitely too easy to buy off an ereader. They know what they’re doing alright!! I’ve reined in my habit and only download the first free sample, no matter how cheap the book is.


      • Yeah, I’ve got a thing with this one writer. I’ve read like…16 of her books? Not like she’s so wonderful that I’d recommend but I’m just ‘bought in’ with the whole series. And when I saw 3 ‘new’ book titles, I hit buy. It was only once I started reading the first of them that I realised I knew exactly what was going to happen next. Oops!


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