A Filofax confession

IMG_1775Call it survival of the fittest, but I think my personal size Original has won out in the battle of the Filofaxes.

I bought two of these beauties – one in personal size, one in A5. One for personal use, one for work. The personal model is with me day and night: a repository of membership cards, frequent flyer cards, scraps of paper, receipts and quick notes to myself. It fits my iPhone 5 in its elastic band just perfectly. All in all, it’s very useful.

Unscientifically, it’s also been the recipient of a few lustful glances when I’ve had it out on the tube. I’ve also experienced the now-familiar “Filofax nod” from other Filofaxers who notice it in my hand.

A subtle acknowledgement that we’re in the same club.

And that’s nice.

The A5, however, is languishing in a drawer. I’m not saying I’ve abandoned it completely, but it hasn’t been in my work bag for weeks now. For meeting notes and extended writing, I’ve either been using up some old Moleskine large notebooks (the soft-cover kind) or typing directly into Evernote on my iPad mini.

The latter doesn’t work – and isn’t appropriate – in coaching sessions, interviews and the like, so that’s where the large Moleskines come into play. I’ll use these up and then re-think how the A5 fits in.

It looks gorgeous and the quality is undeniable. I think it’s the best organiser Filofax have launched in years. If I had my time over, I’d probably get it in brown in A5 and green in the personal size. But that’s a moot point – price alone means I’m not going to buy another for the foreseeable future.

I don’t want to abandon the A5, but I’m certainly not going to schlepp around with the additional unused weight in my bag.

Ideas most welcome!

(Yes – angst-ridden consideration of how to use a leather paper organiser is definitely a ‘First World Problem’ – don’t judge me!)

Meanwhile, my wandering eyes have just come upon this little beauty – and I’m tempted to know more! Could be the work-focused solution I’ve been looking for. But my “paper drawer” is full to the point of bursting, so I’m going to use up all the resources in there before splurging on another “experiment”.

5 comments on “A Filofax confession

  1. Ohhhhh you are a Filofax person too? Knew there was a reason I liked you!


  2. Hi
    Did you know that Filofax are offering an exchange on the Originals for ones with longer straps, only about 9mm longer, and not being made very public, but a few readers have had theirs exchanged. Makes quite a difference on the personal size ones if you carry a lot of paper.

    Also did you see this: ? Quite an interesting concept I’m going to try it out for a few days to see if I can get to grips with it.


    • Thanks for the heads up on the Originals, Steve – I might look into that or my personal binder.

      Interesting you mention that note-taking method. I read about it a few months ago and was impressed with how simple but useful it is. I journal every day using DayOne on my iPhone and iPad, but this notation method us great for capturing things when a device isn’t o hand – or can’t be used (flights, etc.).


    • Sadly, I have attempted this in the US – they only offer for UK 😦


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