London Life


On the tube this afternoon, I saw a man wearing what must have been the shortest denim shorts in the history of all civilisation.

It was hard not to stare. Their very shortness pulled my disbelieving eyeballs in their direction, much like an unwilling Millennium Falcon caught in the tractor-beam of an all-powerful Death Star.

The pockets were hanging lower than the bottom of the shorts. They were short. Very, very short. Dangerously short.

He was also sporting a porn-tastic moustache and bouffant curly ‘do, not until the guys in the 118-118 ads. And I was not along in staring. He had the attention of every person on the carriage.

And he. Was. Loving. It.

Regardless of motivation, I salute him and his sartorial choices.

I just don’t think I could pull the same look off…what with the no hair and short legs.

3 comments on “Distracting…

  1. How much change was in his pocket?

    …Cos you know you can see that when they’re hanging a couple inches lower than the denim..I’ve heard.


    • Now that I didn’t see. Lets put it this way – I don’t think he was able to get money in and out of those pockets without doing himself an injury…


      • I’ve considered this when looking…like they HAD to have tucked that in *before* they tucked in, right?

        …I’ve heard.


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