MacPsych Must Read: Guardians of the Galaxy

It’s been a while since  had a comic-realted update on here and, after catching up on some back-issues, I wanted to share some more recommendations.

GuardiansOfTheGalaxy_1_CoverSurprising myself, I’m loving “Guardians of the Galaxy“. I remember reading reprints of the very original series, but this is quite a departure from that. It has all the hall-marks (the positive ones, at least) of a Brian Michael Bendis makeover and the title is all the better for it.

Throw in some nicely detailed art from Steve McNiven and you have a title combining interesting characters, complex stories and a cliffhanger endings for each issue.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the “galactic” Marvel titles. All that epic-level storytelling with gods, alien races and spaceships. Which is surprising, given my virtually encyclopaedic knowledge of Star Trek and Star Wars. But Marvel seems to be on a mission to rehabilitate some of these characters and update them for a contemporary audience.

The Guardians of the Galaxy are an obvious target, not least because of the upcoming film which is due out next year. It will be set in the same “universe” as the other Marvel films to date and will feature Thanos – who cameoed in the closing scenes of the Avengers.

I initially dipped into Guardians on a whim – anything with Bendis’ name attached to it is usually worth a punt. And I’ve held on each month since. I’ve enjoyed his reworking of the characters and how he manages to make what could otherwise be quite a complex and dis-jointed story flow well.

Adding Tony Stark (Iron Man) to the cast was a stroke of genius – he serves as a familiar face to readers who’ve never encountered the Guardians before. And his sarcasm and ego are seriously challenged in an environment where the technology is beyond what he could dream of. It’s nice to see him on the back foot a little.

Even if you’re more of a mutant fan or Avengers aficionado, I’d recommend giving Guardians a try. It will remind you of Bendis’ best Avengers storytelling – but in space.

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