Under the knife…

So…I went to see my orthopaedic specialist the other evening. And the news wasn’t great.

He’s diagnosed a meniscus tear, requiring surgery.

Because my injury happened in April (thank you fellow runner at the London Marathon), because I’ve rested and stretched and avoided long runs and because the pain is getting worse: he recommends surgery to repair something that obviously isn’t healing itself.

It’s not an emergency, but is only going to get worse with time. And it’s become worse in the last few weeks. Even swimming in the sea in Mallorca was causing me pain last week. Long walks in London now result in knee pain and a real (and worrying) feeling of weakness in the knee.

Weakness like I’m going to fall over.

Not good.

Surgery is quick – in and out on the same day – but will result in me being “out of action” for up to six weeks. As in, relying on crutches and requiring physiotherapy. This completely and utterly rules out competing in either of the half-marathons I’ve registered for in the coming months: Run to the Beat and the Royal Parks half-marathon.


On top of that, my work and personal schedules for the next two months are crazy. I have trips to: Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh, Cheltenham (twice), Madrid (twice) and Tokyo. There’s no way I can have the surgery any time soon without massive disruption to all my travel plans.

So I’m planning to delay the surgery slightly until November, once we’re back from Japan. That way, I’ll get to experience Tokyo without crutches or a flight-related blood clot. Yes, the epic flight to Tokyo is better experienced when one hasn’t had invasive surgery on a limb required to move about gracefully.

Between that and the crowds in Tokyo – I don’t really fancy tripping up on the street and screwing up an already delicate knee.

So it’s surgery in November, focused physio and rehab into the New Year. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to get back into training post-Xmas and then race again in the Spring.

All in all, not great news. But it really could be a lot worse. And let’s face it, I’m not a professional athlete – the very thought! – this won’t derail my career. Just annoy me until I’m able to run again.

14 comments on “Under the knife…

  1. Sorry to hear this news, wishing you a quick recovery in November


    • Thank you!

      I’m just hoping it all goes according to plan. It’s nothing more than frustrating in the big scheme of things. But I really do enjoy running and it’s such a good stress-buster – I’ll just need to find an alternative in the interim.


      • How about knitting!


        • It wasn’t top of my list, but you never know! I find the sauna a great stress buster and a perfect place to catch up on reading. It also results in less “stuff”. Not sure I’d want to add to my belongings with all the various knitting bits & bobs.

          But I’m open to being convinced πŸ™‚


  2. What initially caused the injury? Did you get tripped up in a race?


    • Yep. About half-way through the London Marathon earlier this year. Another competitor pushed through and tripped me up, sending me flying. didn’t completely fall over, but wrenched my knee attempting to keep upright.

      Managed to finish all the same πŸ™‚


  3. I’m so sorry about this!

    Is it possible to start PT ahead of time? To perhaps strengthen for these months OR to at least minimize pain?

    Also there’s a new to me ‘tape’ that’s reusable. It’s not the old BS ‘ace’ bandages we used for years but something meant to almost cross between support and immobilisation.

    My runner friends use it when they get wrenched whatevers.


    • Great minds think alike – I have some exercises to do to help keep limber and maintain muscle strength in my legs in the run up to surgery. Will do everything I can to be fit and healthy, so I get over it all with minimal fuss!


  4. I put off having surgery to repair a torn meniscus for about six months. Guess what happens in that time. Without the meniscus, arthritis can set up on the bone, causing even more pain and actually deforming the bone. Don’t put it off any longer than you have to. Good luck!!


    • Thanks for the input – I think I’ve agreed a date as of today, so just a couple of months to wait. I definitely won’t be leaving it longer than I need to – I miss running too much!!


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