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Dangerously addictive…

Consider this a warning from one who has suffered, so you don’t have to.

I downloaded “Plants vs Zombies 2” the day it was free in the iTunes Store. I’m not really an iOS gamer (or any kind of gamer, really) since kicking my dangerous Angry Birds habit last year.

I should have learnt from that.

In a moment of weakness last night, I opened Plants vs Zombies 2 and was sucked into a maelstrom of fun and additive gameplay.

Avoid it at all costs if you have any responsibilities in your life. It will own you completely if you’re not careful.


The game is maddeningly simple: zombies are invading your garden. So you have to arrange killer plants who can destroy said zombies. Plants take time to grow, need sunshine and food. These are resources to gather, all while the zombies stagger towards your home.

Oh yes, it starts off easy. But very quickly, they turn up the heat, requiring you to tap your screen faster than humanly possible, all the time screaming for more plants to grow.

Crazy. But in a fun way. I can already see I’m going to have to ration my exposure to the game if I’m to hold down a job and adequate social contact with the outside world.

Consider yourself warned.

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