A quick knee update…

knee_mri_picture.jpgIt’s amazing what you can accomplish when you know the right people.

In this case, the lovely people at my health insurance company. A quick phone call later and I have an MRI scan scheduled for first thing tomorrow morning and an X-Ray booked in for first thing Monday morning.

The soonest I can see the orthopaedic specialist is a week later, once I’m back from Spain. So it’s looking less and less likely that I’ll be able to compete in my first Run to the Beat next month. There’s only five weeks left.

Can a miracle occur in just five weeks? Can I be truly mobile and run about?

Does he have a magic wand?

I sincerely doubt it.

So I’ll focus instead on getting better in time for the RoyalParks half-marathon, my favourite race each year. That’s not until October, which I think is a lot more manageable.

Unless whatever’s wrong with me requires surgery of some description.

Keep all those fingers and toes crossed for me, won’t you?

2 comments on “A quick knee update…

  1. Best wishes, kitten!


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