Review: Red 2

Oh my.

After the debacle that was G.I. Joe-My-God a couple of nights ago, I tried to banish the Ghost of Crap Films Past by heading to the cinema. @Frankdjs and I went to our local cinematorial establishment to see Red 2.

In summary: most excellent.

Compared to his performance in the film-that-shall-not-be-named, Bruce Willis was great in Red 2. But he was overshadowed by the marvellous Helen Mirren. I’m still making up my mind about Anthony Hopkins: he may have given an inspired performance, or simply recycled his role in Howard’s End.

Anyway, he could read my shopping list and I’d pay good money to see it. Hellen Mirren too. I’d pay just to see her stand in a corner glaring at passers by. And to see them and John Malkovich leaping around and shooting the place up was just inspiring.

Old people these days, eh?

Interestingly, there was another overlap between Red 2 and G.I. Jaysus. Byung-hun Lee. He of the amazingly toned body (which gets an outing here – keep a look out for the “scanner” scene) and the high kicks and other violence. He played “Storm Shadow”, who is also a snappy dresser and likes to kill people. G.I. Joes specifically.

He has it in for Bruce Willis in this film too. Lee should watch out that he’s not typecast. Ahem.

Some fun action scenes and cameos from Catherine Zeta Jones and Brian Cox added to the entertainment, but it was the series of quips and one-liners from John Malkovich’s LSD-addled ex-spy that made the film for me. Him and Mary-Louise Parker.

Just some great casting.

In contrast to G.I. Jackanory, I sincerely hope they make another Red sequel. Or just film Mirren, Malkovich and Willis down the pub.

Either way, I’ll go see it.

I’m easily amused.

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