Addressing the backlog (of guilty pleasures)

I came into possession (legitimately!) of a pile of iTunes vouchers some months back. I’ve saved them up to buy all the films I really want to see this year. (I actually have a list of must-see films I maintain in Evernote…I’m sadly behind on this, despite having an all-you-can-eat cinema membership with Cineworld).

I’ve just noticed, I have quite the backlog of films I’ve bought and downloaded, but not watched yet. I think this is mostly to do with the recent great weather – I’m not too keen on sitting inside watching a blockbuster while the sun is scorching the streets of London outside.

(I may possibly have just jinxed the weather for the remainder of the month – a quick look outside has revealed monsoon-like conditions across Canary Wharf….)

So I have the following at my disposal – please don’t judge:

  • Oblivion: Yes, it has the vile Tom Cruise in it, but I loves me some sci-fi. The trailer looked impressive on the big screen. But I’ve been so horribly misled by trailers in the past. And I really can’t stand Tom Cruise.
  • Les Miserables: I like musicals. Shoot me. This isn’t one of my favourites, but it has got Hugh Jackman in it. But it is about three hours long. But it has got Hugh Jackman in it. Feedback at home so far leads me to believe I’ll be watching this one On My Own (geddit?!). I also get the feeling that Russell Crowe singing will be a bit like Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia. Hilarious and painful in equal parts.
  • Django Unchained: It’s Tarantino. And there are cowboys.
  • G.I. Joe Retaliation: A truly guilty pleasure. The first one was so bad, it was good. This may in fact be even worse. Epic scenery-chewing, paper-thin characters and over-the-top villains. I suspect it will be a lot like Oblivion, but with a much lower budget. The trailer is epic (if you’re  14 year-old boy).

Thoughts on what to watch first?

5 comments on “Addressing the backlog (of guilty pleasures)

  1. Of these, I voted on the only one I’ve seen. I stayed away from Oblivion due to Cruise’s presence (he can be dandy, other times…not). I didn’t do Les Mis because I read the book as a child and loved it. When I went to see *a* version–not musical–(before the very famous one of the 80s; the play I saw was so horrible, I refused to see the popular version when it came along. So far, I’m maintaining this distance. It’s a personal thing.

    I don’t have a specific interest in GI Joe but I’d watch it.

    Django was grand for the over-the-top performances: humour and violence we expect from Mr. Tarantino. It was still a nudge too long for me.


    • Thanks! I’m leaning towards Django alright. Just watched the trailer again. Epic soundtrack!


      • Oh, yeah! That, too. Very Tarantino. I would be interested in Oblivion if you vouch for it. Consider doing me that favour!


        • I’ll review each of them as I watch them. I’ll have to hold my nose what with Cruise etc. but will give Oblivion a go.

          Watch this space.


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