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Chasing sleep…

And it’s back.

My insomnia, that is. Despite a pretty full-on day yesterday, including lots of walking around, and feeling quite tired by bed-time, I spent three hours wide awake on the couch, reading.

I did actually fall asleep a little after 12:30am, but woke with a jolt not long after. No idea what it was – it might have been a noise outside on the street. But I felt strangely awake.

Wide awake.

Based on past experience, I decided to avoid just lying there, willing sleep to somehow fall upon me, and wandered into the living room with my iPad and Kindle. Lying on the couch, a lovely cool breeze wafting in, I read.

And read.

At 3:30am, I gave up and returned to bed, falling asleep some point after 4am (the last time I checked the time). I know people are notoriously poor at judging how long they’ve actually slept, so the above is a pretty conservative estimation.

I’m now up and about, feeling somewhat jet-lagged and a little anxious about how well I’ll sleep tonight. My plan is to get some exercise done later this evening, so I’m at least physically tired when I turn in.

Some silver linings, however. I read a lot. I made some good progress with my latest purchase – a direct result of Twitter and Kindle buy-now functionality – the very entertaining Inceptio, by Alison Morton.  I had downloaded a sample chapter a while back and eventually got round to reading it while out and about yesterday.

On the DLR towards Canary Wharf yesterday afternoon, I reached the end of the free sample and just had to keep reading. Twenty seconds later, I’d bought and downloaded the book and was back in full flow.

I’m 35% through it and intend to get a lot more read in the sun today.

I also had a good trawl through Twitter and the #TwitterSilence phenomenon, but more on that anon.

All that enjoyment aside, I’m still shattered tired.

Insomnia, truly, is a bitch.

3 comments on “Chasing sleep…

  1. I suffer terribly from insomnia too so my thoughts are with you. The world is a very lonely place at 3am.


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