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A Kindle update

Don’t worry, I’m still loving my Kindle Paperwhite. Never far from my little paws. I’ve said it before – I’ve never read so much since I’ve had a Kindle. It’s small, light and always with me. The fact that I like to read multiple books simultaneously makes an ereader ideal.

Easier than hoofing around a half dozen hardbacks in a bag wherever I go!

That and my propensity for impulse purchases of books that look interesting. With just the push of a button, I have the book (or a free sample thereof) on my Kindle. Free first chapters are the equivalent of browsing in a book shop. A fantastic idea and responsible for most of my recent book purchases from Amazon.

But my recent purchase of a Paperwhite left me with two perfectly good Kindles. Rather than have one as an emergency replacement, it’s gone to a good home with someone who really wanted a Kindle.

So I’m doing my bit to spread the gospel… Amazon should really have me on a commission.

Cough. Amazon. Cough.

Now I’m just looking forward to our break in Spain later this month so I can get a week of solid reading done. There are just too many good books waiting on my Kindle and not enough hours in the day to get them read.

Cue a mix of cyber-psychology, Eastern European history and good old-fashioned sci-fi.

Well, that’s my story.

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