“The knee, it aches!”

EDI HalfSo with just a few weeks to go until this year’s Royal Parks half-marathon, I’m waiting on an appointment to see a specialist about my knee.

Those of you with long memories will remember that I was tripped up during this year’s London Marathon (thanks again, inconsiderate tool!) and wrenched my knee while trying to avoid crashing to the ground.

Months later, and I still can’t run more than about 2 or 3 km without the pain kicking in. I had self-diagnosed (thanks, internet) with ITBS based on the symptoms. I figured I needed some physio and specialist advice before heading out and running serious distances again.

One trip to the doctor later and I find I can’t see a physio until I’ve seen an orthopaedic specialist to ensure that…ominous pause…surgery isn’t required.


So, no running for the next few weeks and probably (all going to plan) less than a month to get myself in a fit state to run the half-marathon.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Let’s hope it’s just some physio and a gentle return to the streets of London.

5 comments on ““The knee, it aches!”

  1. Best of luck with your ingury! I hope you can get back to running soon.


  2. Google…a lot and ask your running friends.

    When my rotator cuff got borked (bicep tendon tore in half, jutting forget which bone a slicing through labrum et al), they said surgery.

    With autoimmune, any surgery could mean WORSE (we don’t heal). I asked around. In my personal circle, there were 12 ppl with similar injuries (see what growing up on a ranch leads to?).

    Of them, 6 did surgery, then obligatory PT. the other 6 did ONLY PT (with option of surgery in future).

    All 12 ended up equal.

    I opted for no surgery NOW (then, 2010).

    My shoulder can give me gyp. It can also do fine with CONTINUED home stretches and light strengthening. You just have to keep at it.

    Please note with surgery? Same.

    So. Not to say you should or shouldn’t.

    But surgeons know ONE thing: to cut. It’s how they get paid. I’d never heard of ppl with torn rotators NOT having surgery but there they were, half of those I asked.

    It’s worth a think because once they start digging around…


    • I know, I know…I just want peace of mind that it’s nothing more serious than ITBS. ie nothing broken and floating around in there.

      We’ll see what they have to say. In good news, checkup with GP revealed I’ve lost 5 kilos since January.

      That’s what a marathon will do to you.


      • Just leaving it open as a possibility cos surgery’ll keep you off it even longer. If it needs-done, then of course!


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