Tempted by the dark side…

androidI spent a worryingly long amount of time indoors last Saturday, fondling an Android phone handset. Despite the lovely weather outside, I was in a Vodafone store in Canary Wharf, giving serious thought to upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy 4 S.

I know.

I was shocked too.

Here’s the thing: It’s gorgeous. A fantastic – and enormous – screen. Bright, responsive display. Putting it next to my iPhone 5 made me pity the latter. It seemed so shabby.

But then I saw the prices. However…I’m now out of contract, so I wondered what Vodafone could offer me in the way of a handset upgrade deal.

Just a few minutes later, I walked out before I could hand over cash in one of my now-classic impulse purchases. I was offered a monthly package that would save me money, give me four time the amount of data I get now and a brand new Samsung Galaxy 4S for just £49.

It was sooo tempting.

I had to get out and have a thing before I made a step that would be difficult to come back from.

Why the worry?

I’m wedded to the Apple ecosystem. I have an iMac, Macbook Air, two Apple TVs and an iPad Mini in addition to my iPhone 5. They work together quite nicely (though not perfectly, I’m afraid). I buy my music from iTunes, my movies and TV shows from iTunes and have invested heavily in apps. Throwing an Android handset into this mix would make life a little complex.

Not to mention expensive.

A little bit of research online illustrated that it wouldn’t be impossible to overcome though. Minute by minute, I sipped my coffee in a nearby Starbucks and thought about why I should/shouldn’t make the leap.

In the end, I decided to leave things as they are, all because I’m missing some information. iOS7 and (almost certainly) new iPhones are on the way. I’d rather see Apple’s hand before I move away.

The last thing I want is to move to Android and then fall in love with Apple all over again this Autumn when the release the new shiny shiny.

Instead, I thought about what so attracted me to the Samsung phone and it occurred to me that they were all lacking in my iPhone. In case Apple are reading this, here’s what I’d like to see in the next product announcement:

  • Expandable memory: the Samsung allows you to use SD cards of up to 64GB. Despite having 64GB on my phone, I regularly have to shuffle music and podcasts on and off. I use a lot of my memory for some big apps (my life is in Evernote) and I listen to a ton of long podcasts every week. That aside, being able to add photos to the phone from a camera’s SD card just seems so…helpful.
  • A bigger screen: the Samsung’s screen is magnificent. I’m sure it was psychological, but I spent the remainder of Saturday squinting at my iPhone’s smaller screen. Could we see a 5″ screen please? An “iPhone Maxi” maybe?
  • Bigger batteries: the Samsung also has a replaceable battery and one of its most popular accessories is a spare battery and charging kit. I live day to day with the constant fear my iPhone’s battery is going to die at any moment. I get sweaty plans when it goes below 50% charge and turn positively paranoid when it dips below the 20% mark. I basically carry a USB cable and charger with me at all times. Come on Apple – help me out here!

Maybe iOS7 will do amazing things for battery life and power management. I hope so. But what are the chances we’ll get a bigger screen and expandable memory in the iPhone 6?

I won’t be holding my breath.

For now, I’ll hold on to my iPhone 5, which is doing a great job of whatever I need it for. Except for my neurotic battery anxiety and the occasional lack of storage, it’s a great phone.

But if the next model doesn’t represent a big step up, I’ll be eyeing up what Samsung has to offer.

And we’re still due a new Nexus phone, right?

2 comments on “Tempted by the dark side…

  1. We are in agreement!

    The differences are I was willing to pay 200USD and wouldn’t get more data (all are capped at 2GB where I live; if I lived and only travelled in SNALL and ‘correct spaces of STL, I could get unlimited data but they do that because it covers about 40 blocks, then it’s tits-up).

    I was still willing to switch!

    I buy almost all my music from Amazon and my NookHD has afforded me play time in Google Play, which I like (selection) but still confuses me to navigate (because I’ve been locked into 100% Apple for 18 years).

    Like you, I’m waiting but I don’t have high hopes for Apple’s soon to come handset. They’ve been less than astonishing since 3GS. I loves the original & 3GS, don’t get me wrong.


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